Animals Playing Instruments

I'm trying really hard to get something new together in time for Zine Machine on April 16. It may be ambitious as in the first few weeks of April my son is having eye surgery and I'm officiating my friend's wedding,  but I will make this happen dagnabbit. I just need to keep reminding myself that sometimes it's more important to just do something than to worry about doing it well. #quantityoverquality 


In Between

My site needs a little work. The navigation is, perhaps, not intuitive. But, until I get off my keister and do some rejiggering it is how it is. 

Last May I started working on a comic with my brother. The first chapter/issue was released at SPX in October. I posted the comic up here some time in January, but as I was just about to push a tiny little human out of my body, promoting this was not at the top of my to do list. So if you missed chapter 1 of In Between you can find it here

The problem with progress

So there's this comic that I wrote about 10 years ago about my husband, Kirill. It was based on a true story about when his favorite disc-man, which he named "Pan-sonic," died. We went to Best Buy to get a new disc-man, but there was a giant wall with hundreds of different options. In his frustration Kirill said "Say what you will about the Soviet Union, but when you went to the store to buy something there was one of it and it worked. And if it didn't work you just bought it anyway because that's all there was. " So I made a comic about Kirill and the be-speckled cartoon incarnation of our cat, Bandit, going back home to Russia to buy a disc-man only to discover that his favorite market from his childhood was now a Walmart and had the same ridiculous options as the US.

I decided a few years ago to redraw it, because it was crudely done, only I've never been able to finish it because I realized that the plot is no longer relevant. Today if Kirill went to get a new disc-man he wouldn't be able to find one - period.

So, here are the first few pages of this ill-fated comic that maybe someday will get an ending.

On sidewalk painting and donuts.

Last week I went out with my friends Hope and Jesse for some renegade community art. H&J brought washable paints and brushes and we started decorating the sidewalk on Mangum St. As people would walk by and comment on our paintings, Hope would offer them a paint brush and ask them to join. Initially everyone said no. We heard many variations on "you wouldn't want me to paint", which was, in fact, not true. This was less about creating fancy works of art and more about the experience of painting together and adding some color to downtown Durham.

Eventually as more kids walked by, people started to join in. Generally the young kids would come up and show interest and take a brush when Hope offered. Occasionally the parent would then join in. One woman driving by stopped and gave us all Monuts. (For those non-Durhamites, Monuts is a local foodie donut place. You know the type where there's always something cardamom or lavender flavored. In anycase, it's a very popular, very small place where you wait in line for 15 minutes to get your cardamom flavored donut. So when someone gives you one on the street and you didn't have to wait in line for it and it's not cardamom flavored and it is covered in dinosaur sprinkles - it's a major win. End of donut sidebar)

I decided to repaint a pig I had worked on earlier in the week in my sketchbook when I was experimenting with watercolors. Initially I had planned on doing a 3 panel comic about the pig, but this one block took me about 3 hours.