The problem with progress

So there's this comic that I wrote about 10 years ago about my husband, Kirill. It was based on a true story about when his favorite disc-man, which he named "Pan-sonic," died. We went to Best Buy to get a new disc-man, but there was a giant wall with hundreds of different options. In his frustration Kirill said "Say what you will about the Soviet Union, but when you went to the store to buy something there was one of it and it worked. And if it didn't work you just bought it anyway because that's all there was. " So I made a comic about Kirill and the be-speckled cartoon incarnation of our cat, Bandit, going back home to Russia to buy a disc-man only to discover that his favorite market from his childhood was now a Walmart and had the same ridiculous options as the US.

I decided a few years ago to redraw it, because it was crudely done, only I've never been able to finish it because I realized that the plot is no longer relevant. Today if Kirill went to get a new disc-man he wouldn't be able to find one - period.

So, here are the first few pages of this ill-fated comic that maybe someday will get an ending.